Agency Spotlight: Brad Wood

Brad Wood



I joined the industry nine years ago and have built my business by creating a student loan program for doctors and helping parents plan for college through The College Funding Coach®. When we are not working, my wife, Nicole, and I spend a lot of time at the beach with our dog, Jedi Maximus.





Where are you from?

Middle of Nowhere, Missouri


What was your first job ever? What did you like/dislike about it?

I started working in tobacco fields in the middle of nowhere, Missouri, when I was 14. If there was anything to like about that job, I never found it.


Where is one of your favorite places to travel to, and why?

I like going to many places, but I've never been to the moon. If I could go, the moon would probably be my favorite because it's the moon.


What life achievement are you most proud of? Brad and wife

Marrying my wife, Nicole


What are you currently streaming?

Star Wars: Andor


What's something that people may not know about you?

I am a video game nerd. RPG's and story driven games are my favorite. I do not care for sports.


What is one item you learned in the previous month, connected to the industry or not?

Meeting clients four days per week will not reduce your number of meetings per week. I stopped meeting clients on Fridays, and I still schedule 13-17 meetings each week. Fridays are for case prep.


What advice would you provide to someone just starting out as a Financial Professional? Brad with animal

Get fully licensed asap, implement fee-based planning, and utilize office resources to support your growth. Financial planning puts money in your pocket faster, forces you to learn better strategies, and will increase your LADL & AUM production. Activity, reflection, problem-solving, and refining processes will lead you to success.


If you could share a beer with any person throughout history, who would it be and why?

Hideo Kojima, he's the GOAT of the video game industry. I met him once but didn't have a beer with him. Many beers would be nice.