Agency Spotlight: Scott Sylvainus

Scott Sylvainus


Meet Scott – MassMutual of Eastern PA’s newest Sales Manager and Financial Professional! With an extensive background in the industry since 1985, Scott’s enthusiasm lies in guiding individuals towards achieving their life goals. As a passionate runner and devoted husband and father, he brings a dynamic and compassionate approach to his work.







Where Are You From?



Do you have a partner or children? Scott and wife

Married to Wendy with 3 grown children


What Was Your First Job Ever?

I delivered the morning daily newspaper


Are You A Sports Fan?

Yes – Mercedes F1, Cowboys and Mets!


What Is Your Favorite Way To Spend Free Time Outside Of Work?

Running. I have run over 600 5k races and recently started competing in half-marathons.


Where Is One Of Your Favorite Places To Travel To, And Why?

Italy – amazing history, landscapes, food, and people.


If You Could Have Dinner With Any Person Throughout History, Who Would It Be?

My Mother


What Is Something That People May Not Know About You? Scott and wife

I eat 6lbs of broccoli a week


What Causes Or Community Services Do You Have A Passion For?

I have been involved in my community for over 30 years. Coaching youth sports for over 15 years & serving 10 years on the athletic association board. I am currently the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors & Planning Commission in the township where I have lived for the last 34 years. I am a big proponent of preserving open spaces.


What Advice Would You Provide To Someone Just Starting Out As A Financial Professional?

Focus on your daily success and make sure you complete your most important task every day.