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Joe Mallee podcastTune in to this enlightening episode of Tips from the Top to hear Joe Mallee converse with financial expert Tom Henske about the crucial role of parents in shaping their children's financial understanding. Henske, author of "It Makes Total Cents: 12 Conversations to Change Your Child's Financial Future," delves into the importance of engaging, non-threatening discussions between parents and children on topics like finance, aiming to create a comfortable and educational environment at home. He shares innovative strategies to make finance interesting for the younger generation, emphasizing the use of popular platforms like TikTok. By integrating technology into learning, Henske illustrates how parents can transform often dull financial concepts into captivating, educational content, making learning both fun and impactful.

The episode also explores the challenges and opportunities presented by technology in modern parenting. Both Henske and Mallee acknowledge the pervasive nature of devices and social media, discussing strategies to turn these potential distractions into educational tools. Henske's approach, from creating short, digestible podcasts for busy parents to encouraging kids to explore their own financial literacy topics. This conversation is a must-listen for parents and financial advisors alike, offering valuable insights, practical tips, and a fresh perspective on financial education and the power of technology in our daily lives.


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