Tips from the Top Podcast Episode #15 Now Streaming!

Jim BoydIn this inspiring episode of "Tips From the Top," host Joe Mallee sits down with Jim Boyd, a seasoned financial advisor with a compelling personal and professional journey. Boyd shares his transition from a lackluster job in the power tools industry to a fulfilling career in financial services, starting with his early days helping public school teachers with their 403(b) plans. Jim recounts the challenges of starting anew in the physician market, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, adaptability, and the human connection in financial advising. Boyd's story takes a poignant turn as he discusses taking over a practice after the loss of a colleague, highlighting the significance of empathy, team dynamics, and succession planning in the industry. His insights into leveraging technology to enhance client relationships, coupled with his passion for mentorship and continuous learning, make this episode a must-listen for both aspiring and experienced financial advisors seeking to make a meaningful impact in their profession.




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