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Podcast TipsThe December edition of Tips from the Top with Joe Mallee is now available to listen. This month’s episode, features Mark Sessanta, CEO and Founder of Stark Financial Group. Listen to the latest episode on our podcast on Spotify or on our podcast website


Listen to the latest episode on our podcast on Spotify or on our podcast website



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Mark Sessanta, CEO and founder of Stark Financial Group received his BA in Economics & Business from Lafayette College. He started his financial services career in September of 1998 at Metlife and received high achievement awards in several planning categories. In September 2002, Mark aligned with Independence Planning Group and established himself as one of the top planners. In April 2011, Mark joined the management team at Independence Planning Group.

It was in April of 2013 that Mark started his own financial consulting firm, Stark Financial Group, and he currently trains over 100 Financial Service Agents in the industry. Mark believes, time, not money, is your biggest asset in life. Your time is well spent investing in relationships or pursing your passion. Mark always cautions, “think again”, if you are trading off time for money. Let money work for you versus working for money–that’s real Financial Freedom.

Mark believes God is the first priority in his life and that has given him a passion for Business as Mission. In 2016, Mark married the love of his life, Erika, and they’re raising their young daughter, Stella. Erika is a Realtor licensed in both Pennsylvania and Florida.

Mark is a member of  Life Underwriting Training Council and Leap Wealth in Motion.

Mark is a member of Kingdom Advisors – a community of peers who are committed to providing biblically wise financial advice within the financial services industry.


Mark can be reached at

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