Tips from the Top Podcast Episode #6 Now Streaming!

Tips from the Top Podcast Episode #6 Now Streaming! 

The March podcast episode of Tips from the Top with Joe Mallee is now available to stream. This month’s episode features Terrance McMahon, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author of Superhero Self, Viral TikTok Mentor, Podcast Host and Founder of The Re-Create App. Terrance takes the best business tips from the top business books and brings your ideas and principles to grow your company.

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Tips from Terrance

In this episode, Joe and Terrance sit down to discuss Terrance’s trials and tribulations.  They take a deep dive into 2016, when he was sitting in a hospital room dying from liver failure. Doctors said he had 90 days to live and that his chances of finding a match for a liver transplant in time were slim. So slim that it wasn’t until the end of his 90-day death sentence that a liver from a young prisoner in Alabama was deemed a match.


Given a second chance at life, Terrance decided to recreate himself from a multi-millionaire morbidly obese, alcoholic CEO of a MassMutual-Northern New England firm to a healthy and sober business coach, speaker, podcast host, bestselling author, and mentor. Today, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed of and helping thousands of others do the same.



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