Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Our employees are the embodiment of the idea that we all are stronger and better through our support for one another. By valuing people for who they are, how they think, and what they bring to the table, we’ve become a stronger, more innovative company.

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More and more people of diverse backgrounds are seeking careers in the financial services industry. Career changers, women, and multi-cultural candidates are all finding a career in financial services that is right for them.

Diversity isn't a program or a short-term initiative. It's what makes sense because it helps us to effectively reach and serve our customers. We’re committed to serving diverse communities in your neighborhood by:

Welcoming Financial Professionals from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, life stages, sexual orientations, and perspectives.

Contributing to local businesses and social, educational, cultural, arts, and civic organizations.

Providing quality marketing materials in different languages.
Our recruiting team helps agencies effectively work with and recruit from diverse groups of people, utilizing established strategies, tools, and resources. Once you’re onboard, we have a number of programs and tools you can leverage to foster relationships in your community, including:

Tools and resources, such as culturally specific marketing, advertising, recruiting, and training materials, to build brand awareness and foster financial literacy in distinct cultural and ethnic markets.

Giving-back opportunities such as LifeBridge1, MassMutual’s free life insurance program for qualified families.


1 Through MassMutual's LifeBridge free life insurance program, MassMutual insures the lives of qualified working people for the benefit of their children. A 10-year term life insurance policy, with a death benefit of $50,000, is provided. If the insured dies during the 10 years of coverage, the $50,000 is paid into a trust administered by the MassMutual Trust Co., FSB, and used to cover educational expenses of their dependent children. MassMutual pays the premium. There is no cost the insured or their children.